A lighter bike is more fun for your child

The weight of your child's bike will be essential if you want to help him/her develop good balance and have more fun riding

A lighter bike is more fun for your child

At Bemoov, we pride ourselves on being a "balance supplier". For this, the weight of the bike is essential. It should stay under your child's control when stationary, in motion, as well as when braking.

Your child should be able to ride the bike in your garden, be able to push it easily while walking, and should even be able to carry it to its storage place in the garage, for example.

Children's bicycles up to 35/40% lighter than others

The ideal bike for your child should be light and not exceed 30-40% of the child’s body weight.

However, conventional children's bikes that are usually found on the market are far too heavy. Materials and components are often chosen for the lowest possible price, to the detriment of lightweight and balance. Most of the time, they are equipped with unnecessary learning accessories or gadgets!

For a 10-year-old who weighs on average 30 kg, these bikes weigh 14 to 20 kg on average. That is more than 50% of the child's weight.

Imagine, for a man weighing 78 kg (on average), riding a 40 kg bike ... It's pretty much like riding two 20 kg e-bikes at the same time, but not being able to use the motors… A real torture!

A lighter bike is more fun for your child

This is why BEMOOV has made a careful and qualitative choice of materials and components for its children's bikes. By reducing weight, we promote the learning of balance and the pleasure of riding for the children.

Real children's bikes, designed for children

The body shape of a child is totally different from that of an adult. Trying to offer our children the "mommy or daddy's miniature bicycle" therefore does not make sense and yet it is still often the only solution offered by the children's bicycle market today.

A lighter bike is more fun for your child

Playful learning therefore involves an upright sitting position, a natural posture that allows the child to have a clear view ahead. The child must be able to descend or step over the bike very easily in all situations, being able to put feet flat on the ground in all circumstances.

For this, your child's bike must offer a very low center of gravity, a narrow crankset, and a suitable frame shape.

At BEMOOV, the length of children's bikes, such as the angles formed at the level of the fork or the seat post, are designed to favor stability and comfort, but also a steering angle suited to agility.

Find out more about the ergonomics of children's bikes

Long-lasting quality adapted to your child's needs

Weight and, above all, quality were the key words when choosing the components to use for BEMOOV children's bikes.

Most importantly, high quality aluminum for the frame and rims, exceptional brakes and gearshifts, comfortable saddles with Kevlar side guards, etc.

Our mission: to provide the best for your children and allow you to invest in a bike that can be used by the little brother or sister, or even keep a high second-hand resale value.

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