Our BEMOOV bikes are arriving at the start of the school year!

Discover the long journey we have gone through to bring you the best quality bikes possible. But no more panic... The bikes are arriving at the start of the school year!

Our BEMOOV bikes are arriving at the start of the school year!

We were supposed to launch our first bikes in the spring of 2021, but the events we all experienced in this crazy year delayed us.

Cycling was already on the rise before the health crisis, which made everyone want to go out with the family and participate in the sport even more. The shortage of bicycle parts which was already present has worsened with the shutdown of production plants, and supplies have therefore become particularly difficult, with the added problem of a sharp increase in the price of raw materials.

The challenge was made even more complicated by the shortage of container ships, resulting in the explosion of the cost of transport, so some prices were multiplied by 10 compared to the price paid before the crisis. As a result, the supply of quality children's bicycles is almost completely out of stock all over the world…

livraison vélos BEMOOV

We are therefore particularly pleased to announce that our first series of bikes will be available from the end of September.

Our online sales site will open in September

With that in mind, you can now subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information, be the first to see our pedal bikes and balance bikes and be able to order them early.


  • Beginning 6/9, this site will allow you to order your balance bike or your BEMOOV bike online,
  • starting September 27, we will ship the first bikes from Naninne for delivery in Belgium in two days and four to five days in France.
  • Express shipping should also be available. Stocks are still limited and it will be necessary to place your order early enough to be delivered quickly and be among the first.

We are delighted to be able to introduce you finally to our light, durable and ergonomic bikes, and we are even more pleased to know that your children will discover the joys of balance and riding thanks to our bikes.