Balance bike or training bike: what are the differences?

Balance bikes are children's bikes without pedals. At BEMOOV, we call them "balance bikes" because they make learning easier, unlike tricycles and training wheels.

Balance bike or training bike: what are the differences?

When you choose a good balance bike, you can easily adapt to the pace of your child's learning.

Little by little, the child acquires the technique to move, to move faster and finally, to lift his/her feet and actually make the parents run in order to keep up!

You get it ... When you invest in a quality balance bike for learning to balance, switching to two wheels with pedals is much more natural.

Comparison between the toy balance bike and our quality balance bike

Currently balance bikes can be bought for less than fifty euros. As their price suggests, these are just toys and not a quality learning tool.

The comparison is easy to make:

Cheap balance bike

  • Lightweight and non-durable materials
  • No actual bearings, durable EPU plastic parts with high resistance to movement
  • Unsuitable ergonomics
  • Plastic rims, not durable
  • Solid tires, low comfort and no grip
  • Not at all suitable for gravel, paths, wet weather, etc.
  • No brake
  • Difficult to pass on to younger sibling, often ends up in the trash
comparaison des draisiennes pour enfants

Quality balance bike

comparaison des draisiennes pour enfants
  • Robust but lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ergonomics designed to facilitate learning to balance
  • Alloy rims with spokes, light and durable
  • Rubber tires, with inner tube, for outdoor use and better road traction
  • Real bearings, resistance-free and durable
  • Intended for all uses, interior, exterior, roads, gravel, paths, wet or dry, etc.
  • Rear brake controlled by lever, to learn from the start to use a brake
  • Ideally, with a footrest, to learn balance
  • Easy to pass on to another child of family or friends, intended to introduce balance to many little cyclists!

Why choose a good balance bike over a cheap balance bike?

Teaching your children to balance very early on will make them proud, happy, independent ... Will allow them to be comfortable on two wheels for their entire lives!

For this, the right learning tool is essential: a geometry adapted to their body shape, a light bike that is easy to use. By reducing weight and increasing a feeling of security, you promote self-confidence and the learning of balance.

When choosing a balance bike, it is therefore better to buy a good second-hand balance bike than a new, cheap toy!

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